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What We Do

What We Do

Since 1977 we have invested over £100m to help young people help others and in doing so, benefit wider society.

Given the chance, young people do great things. They help out in a wide variety of ways and for different reasons – through volunteering time on projects of community benefit, supporting others through a difficult experience, or providing leadership, friendship or inspirational examples.

We are keen that the grants we make reflect this rich diversity and provide meaningful and practical help to those who really need it. We support initiatives which improve confidence, well-being, communication skills and collaboration and which help young people achieve all they can at school and/or get into further training or employment. Ultimately, we want to help inspire and enable more young people to develop the skills that will stand them in good stead for their lifetime.

There’s one boy I’ve been helping with his college application. He’s really clever but he often lacks belief in himself and he’s a bit lazy.  In our 1:1 each week I support him writing his college application, just like my brother supported me. Often all someone needs is a bit of encouragement to realise they can achieve something great.

Emily Franklin, Age 22, City Year Volunteer

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Who We Support

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