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Our History

In April 1977, HRH The Prince of Wales launched The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Appeal, giving the nation an opportunity to show its affection for Her Majesty and its gratitude for her dedicated service over 25 years. The Queen chose that the Appeal should focus on raising funds to support young people and, in particular, on encouraging and helping young people to serve others in the community.

Fundraising events took place throughout that year and by the end, £16.4m had been raised. It was agreed that half of the money received from local fundraising appeals would be made available for immediate use for projects in those areas over the subsequent three years. The balance was invested and it is the income from this capital fund which continues to provide grants now and in the future. Since that time, over £100m has been contributed from the fund to projects that help young people help others.

A lot has changed since then: two other Jubilees have come and gone, our name evolving in 2013 to The Queen’s Trust and our decision to spend out the remaining funds. We aim to complete our work during 2019 and in doing so we aim to focus on the UK, funding a small group of charities that together will help young people facing some of the biggest barriers to long-term success. All the charities supported by The Queen’s Trust help young people help others and beneficiaries include young carers, those recovering from cancer, the long-term unemployed, those at risk of under-achievement at school and young people from vulnerable backgrounds or troubled families.  And from the young people we meet in the charities we support, we know that their example remains as powerful and inspiring today as it was in 1977.


The purpose of this Appeal is to encourage service, adventurous or otherwise, by young people to the community in which they live. The Queen has specifically asked that the money contributed will be used ‘to help young people help others’

HRH The Prince of Wales

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